The Varied Diet of Bebe

Last night, while I was sitting at the shrine watching hyenas, I heard a commotion in the compound of the hyena man’s house and saw Bebe burst through a hole in the fence with a big yellow object in her mouth. She hightailed it for the farmers’ fields while the hyena man’s son came running out of the gate in pursuit. I threw him my torch and he ran off into the darkness, shouting at Bebe.
After a lot of shouting and a lot of rustling in the corn, the son came back holding a yellow plastic water container and showed me the holes where Bebe had sunk her teeth in. Then he took me inside the compound and showed me another that she’d stolen previously. I have no idea what use she had in mind for an empty plastic container but, around here, it’s probably more useful than a telephoto lens.
Bebe has a penchant for non-organic items and at first I thought it was because she was teething, but she’s been like this from the get go. So I’ve started compiling a list of the things that Bebe eats:

The loose end of the clothes-line
Several plastic bottles
A hessian bag full of scrap paper
A green plastic plate
The hyena-man’s fence
A selection of pvc and rubber sandals
A night vision monocular (the less said about this the better but thanks to Abbas for rescuing it)


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