Spotted Wedding Crashers

On Friday night a group of women were making preparations for a wedding in a house near the main market, which happens to be where the two clans of hyenas congregate in the night. An ox had been slaughtered and the women were preparing sausages called wakalim (or wakalib, I might have heard it wrong). The back gate was open and one hyena, no doubt attracted by the irresistible smell, entered the compound. Finding the ox head, he oowooped to his comrades and before long, more than twenty hyenas had entered the compound. Needless to say the women were terrified and retreated to the house, screaming, while the hyenas went crazy, breaking into the kitchen and stealing all of the sausages. The guard at the Rimbaud museum said he heard the commotion and watched a dozen hyenas passing by in a group, after they’d raided the house. This is serious business because the sausages are extremely important in Harari wedding celebrations.


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