Deraltu Jr.

Remember about three months ago, Deraltu was heavily pregnant and I was predicting the appearance of some young ‘uns further down the track? Well I think that Deraltu was not the only pregnant one because there are about four very small hyenas coming to the hill these nights, though only one is brave enough to come anywhere near the feeding place.

This one photographed is the brave one. It hasn’t got a name yet, the hyena man will wait for some unusual characteristics and then name him/her. And there’s no certainty yet that this is one of Deraltu’s cubs. Though hyenas suckle for up to 18 months, so if it suckles from Deraltu then it’s a safe bet that she’s the mother. Having said that, I’ve never actually seen a hyena suckling on the hill. Maybe it’s because of all the meat on offer in the feeding place and after the people have gone, the young ones can go and find bits and pieces so they’re never really hungry there.

I spotted Deraltu Jr here lying in the grass and when I came close, she ducked her head behind a little clump of weeds. So I ducked down low enough that she couldn’t see me, at which point she got worried and her head shot up from behind the bush to see what was going on. Seeing me, she ducked her head again and so we played this game of hide and seek for a couple of minutes. The cuteness rating went off the scale.


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