Tukwondilli Again

Last night Tukwondilli was siting alone on the hill, minding his own business, licking his testicles, when along came Ada Kumah who went straight up to him and sniffed. For Tukwondilli, this is a clear message from a very high ranking female saying, ‘get out of my way, low life’ and if he were to stay put, he’d surely get bitten. So he dutifully got up and backed off a few metres while Ada Kumah turned and went along the path to the top of the hill. Then to my surprise, Tukwondilli, with a swish of his tail, put his head down and snuck up on Ada Kumah and did something to her rear end. Because I was positioned behind them, I couldn’t see if it was a nip or just a sniff but boy did it get a reaction as Ada Kumah turned 180 degrees in an flash and, growling, ran after the fleeing Tukwondilli who had, by this time put 10 metres between himself and the raging female. Ada Kumah is fat from having first access to all the food that the hyena man dishes out and Tukwondilli is skinny, most likely because he’s so highly strung and always on edge. So the portly female really had no chance of catching the long legged male and she pulled up at the road realising that retribution would have to wait for a more opportune time. And I swear blind, Tukwondilli knew exactly the reaction his action would elicit because he was off and running as soon as he’d done whatever it was he did to Ada Kumah’s rear end.
Tukwondilli is by far the hyena most loaded with personality. You can recognise him from a distance and in the dark just by the way he walks and because of his frequent tail swishing. There are no flies around at night to be swatted away from his rear so I can only guess he swishes his tail as a nervous habit. And Tukwondilli leads a nerve wracking life. Being a male, he’s expected to defer to all the females yet his genes impress upon him the imperative to mate with those that he fears the most. So quite often, he’s sniffing at the rear of a potentially violent female with his legs tensed and ready to spring away and run off. But if a female is in the mood she’ll let him lick her rump and this is probably an indication that a mating opportunity is not far off.
The video below is of Tukwondilli and Bebe in front of the shrine standing behind the hyena man. Tukwodilli is behind the hyena man for the simple reason that it’s safe place to be while the high ranking females are attacking any hyenas who try to get at the food in front. The females (aside from Bebe who never attacks anyone) are afraid to go up on the seat of the shrine. And the hyena man has a soft spot for Tukwondilli; his name translates as ‘to harm him is a sin’. He knows, if he feels the breath of a hyena on the back of his neck, it’s Tukwondilli, and he passes tidbits over his shoulder for the nervous male. And the hyena man will tell you Tukwondilli is the most placid and best behaved of all the hyenas. He can leave the bucket of meat scraps sitting by itself in front of the shrine and while Jalla or Bebe would have their noses in as soon as they got the chance, Tukwondilli obediently stands by it and only takes the meat if it’s offered by the hyena man. I could never in a million years imagine this hyena attacking a person, let alone another hyena taking a piece of meat away from him.


3 thoughts on “Tukwondilli Again

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    • Hi, and thanks for bookmarking.
      I don’t know what the issue is with the slow loading speed. I reduce the image sizes to make page loading as quick as possible (mainly for Ethiopian followers with slow internet); apart from that there’s not a lot else I can do.
      Glad you like the blog though

  2. aww he got the meat taken away 😦
    i think he may have some general anxiety disorder xD
    but then for such an anxious guy he did well firing the higher ranked female up

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