An arresting development

Bebe inspecting her handiwork

Last night was interesting. I’d followed Jalla and was watching her eat some unidentified brown stuff when Bebe happened along. I watched her go by and then followed Jalla in the same direction and they both disappeared under a drain. Knowing where this drain emerged, I ran around to the opening and waited for a bit. The first to come out was Bebe so I decided to follow her and did the rounds of the old town. Bebe’s even faster than Jalla and whenever she hears people close by she breaks into a canter and I have to run to keep up. So I was hyped and out of breath when Bebe took me past the police station and down some steps. As I hurried after her, I heard a shout from behind to stop, so I shouted back in Harari that I was with the hyena and continued. The shout came again so I turned, frustrated and ran to the policeman to tell him what I was doing. That was when I saw he was very young, very frightened and pointing his automatic rifle at my head. It was about this time I realised I’d have to give up the pursuit of Bebe and I did the most ill advised (idiotic) of things imaginable to a policeman holding a gun at my head. I started searching my pockets for the letter of authorisation that I have from the government. When I saw the facial expression on the policeman in response to this, I decided to keep my hands way out in the open and I ended up being made to sit down and answer questions. My biggest fear at that point was being made to spend the night in the lockup because these places are not the healthiest forms of accommodation. And i learned the best way to avoid detention is to drop as many names of police officials and politicians as possible. Many thanks to the President, Mayor, Police Commissioner and Deputy Commissioner for their kind, albeit unknowing, assistance.


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