The destructive potential of organised hyenas

It happened on one unremarkable night outside the hyena man’s compound. The enclosure is surrounded by a fence with a gate on one side and on the other, a 50cm diameter hole that the hyenas had made at some stage to give them a second access option. Jalla was lying by the fence next to the hole and Bebe was lying over near the dumpster. Willi showed up and came over to me with that look of expectation he always has and started sniffing at my night vision monocular wanting to bite it.  I’d gotten tired of him getting his slobber all over the monocular, especially seeing as I have to put it up to my eye, so I refused him. Next he tried biting my arm so I gave him a little rap on the nose. He seemed a little put out by that and went over to where Jalla was lying, and bit on one of the sticks that was poking out at the place where the hole was. After crunching through the stick with no trouble, Willi decided to bite one of the rails that support the uprights of the fence. This was a lot tougher to bite through so Willi dug his heels in and pulled at it instead. Pulling on the rail actually bent the fence outwards and Jalla noticed this and became interested. So she got up and joined in and the two of them were pulling on the rail. Enter Bebe, the queen of destruction. Bebe came and set about biting through the rail, while the others started biting at the sides of the hole and, once the rail was bisected started pulling the rail out. By the time these three juveniles had finished their deliberate, methodical destruction, there was a hole so big I can only assume they were planning to drive a truck into the compound. So now that the hyena man is building a stone wall for the compound, I’ll be interested to see how long it lasts.


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