Bone wet

This is interesting. At least it is if you’re into animal behaviour. I was with Jalla at her favourite spot for finding food, which is a drainage lane inside the old town. She found a morsel of food and finished that and then did her little lunge and growl thing that she does when she wants me to get out of the way. So I stepped back and realised that I was standing next to a bone that she had her eye on. So she started on the bone, manipulating it and gnawing on the ends and really spending a lot of time on it. This was happening beside the channel that runs down the centre of the lane and is about as deep as the height of a hyena. It had been raining pretty heavily so the channel was half full of water as well.

While Jalla was manoeuvring the bone to get at it from another angle, she accidentally pushed it over into the channel where it plopped into the water. She looked down at the water and without any hesitation jumped down into the channel where she found herself standing up to her belly in the murky stuff. This is not such a big deal for a hyena, I’ve seen them drink water that looked much worse. So Jalla started sniffing the water trying to locate the bone and then plunged her head in. She emerged without the bone and this is where the interesting bit happened. She jumped out of the channel, back to where she last had the bone and sniffed at the ground. Having done that, she jumped back into the water and started sniffing at the water. It was as if she needed to refresh her memory of what that particular bone smelled like before she could do a proper search. Unfortunately it didn’t work and she eventually gave up on the possibility of retrieving the bone and headed off in search of other opportunities. I’ll leave mention of the dead cat until the next post.


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