Is your hyena getting his iron?

Last night some tourists drove into the compound and did a 180 degree turn so that their car was facing the road with its rear to the hyenas. Needless to say, this was too much of a temptation for Willi to resist and he went and had a taste of the rear bumper. The great thing about Willi is if you sit and wait 30 minutes, he’ll always find some way to entertain you.

In the 1960s, Jane Goodall studied the hyenas of Ngorogoro Crater in Tanzania, from the (relative) safety of a Kombi van. The hyenas couldn’t resist and Jane often found herself sitting in the van taking notes to the sounds of metal being bent and twisted underneath the van. One hyena actually chewed through a brake line and found itself with a mouthful of brake fluid. Probably given enough time with a car and with no interference from humans, hyenas would prove themselves to be competent mechanics.


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