Back in May I posted a photo of a young hyena that was playing a game of peek-a-boo with me on the hill. She’s since been named ‘Fintamuree’ (Off-cut) by the hyena man’s son and this is her pictured above with Hadha Kumar, who I think might be her mother. Not certain but I’ll assume Fintamuree’s a she until I know otherwise. Certainly she’s privileged as I’ve seen her take meat from right in front of Dibbey’s nose which again makes me think she’s Hadha Kumar’s daughter (Hadha Kumar is about the third or fourth highest ranked hyena in the clan and above Dibbey). And Certainly she’s very confident around people; getting as close as Willi to some of the tourists.
Last night while I was sitting on the hill watching a group of four hyenas sniffing each other’s genitals in what can only be described as Hyena Twister, I heard a noise beside me and turned to see a young hyena, head-bobbing and trying to get around behind me. I knew it wasn’t Willi because he’s past the head-bobbing stage, but in the dark I couldn’t tell who it was. At a distance, you can see a hyena through the night vision lens and get an ID pretty quickly but when they’re up close and circling around you trying to get a bite of your rear end, it’s not so easy.
So I played with this hyena for a while, trying to grab her ears and she trying to bite my hand. Then I led her over to the shrine and the streetlight and realised it was Fintamuree. I let her have a little chew on Willi’s (latest) comb, but she was more intent on my arm, so I eventually let her have a bite of my sleeve. This video is my first interaction with Fintamuree. I have no idea what she’s intending here but nice of her to clean my jacket.


2 thoughts on “Fintamuree

    • no it’s not, Cecile! This is the bizarre thing; it’s a kind of fake leather made from cotton (don’t ask me how they do that). But then these guys will chew on anything, so real or fake doesn’t really matter to them.

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