Flower blooming

Here’s a brief video of a special moment. A few posts ago, I introduced a hyena that I called, ‘Nameless Joe.’ Well, last night, Nameless Joe came and took food from Yusuf for the first time and he gave this young hyena a name: Ililli. It means ‘flower’ and gives you an idea of how Yusuf feels about his hyenas. Other names he’s given them have meanings such as, ‘like the moon’, ‘pretty eyes’, ‘refined’, ‘mine’ and ‘light’.
The hyena with its head in the feed bucket is Fintamuree. This is unusual behaviour for a hyena because they’re normally too afraid to put their head in anything while a human is present, but Fintamuree is even bolder than Willi and doesn’t have the same fear as the others. Though I worry that this will get her into trouble as she gets bigger and spends more time in the old town, where some people don’t have the same affection for hyenas as Yusuf.


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