Biting the comb that grooms

Last night was our first time back at the hyena feeding place after our visit to Kenya and, after having dinner with the family and doling out the presents from Kenya, we went out to the shrine to visit the hyenas. Kooti and Juggie were in front of the shrine, pretty much dominating everything within a 10 metre radius so it wasn’t a surprise to find Willi standing on the seat beside the shrine in the shadows. I went around to where he was standing and gave him a little neck scratch and he craned his neck. This usually means he wants his chin combed so I took out a new comb and tidied up his fur. After that he wanted to chew on his new comb so I held it out for him to chew. Chomp, he bit of a quarter of the comb and let it drop from his mouth. Chomp, another quarter. Chomp, and all that was left of the comb was the little that I was holding in my hand, which I promptly dropped before he could bite my fingers. Just a few months ago, Willi would chew and chew and it would take him ages to demolish a comb, but last night I could feel the immense strength in his jaw as he sheared through the plastic. Our Willi is fast turning into a big, strong, grown-up hyena.


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