For Hashim

Yesterday, my friend Hashim Idris was shot twice in the head by a gunman in Feres Magala (in the middle of the old town). Right now he’s in a coma in a hospital in Addis Ababa where the medical staff are waiting for the bleeding in his brain to subside. Nobody is sure if he’ll recover and if he does, how badly he’ll be affected by his injuries.
Last year, while I was walking with hyenas, Hashim saw to it that the municipality provided me with the shop space that I needed to come and go in the middle of the night and to interview people in a neutral setting. Not only that, he sat at his window at night, above the main market, and recorded the comings and goings of the hyenas and contributed greatly to my research. His family are lovely and I really hope that his wife and kids will have him back in one piece very soon. Hashim, may you be as tough and unstoppable as waraba and make a swift recovery.

8 thoughts on “For Hashim

  1. Hello,
    I am Australian of Harari Origin. When I heard this tragic news my whole body was shaking as I have known Hashim throughout my life back home. He was such a brave and innocent man kind. Lossing him is a dissaster not only for his family but for all of us Hararian and anyone living in Harar. Hoping his family recover well and we all contribut on assisting his families and all dependant on him.
    Currently Oraganised to start collecting some donation in OZ and send it off to his loved ones in Harar.
    R.I.P brother Hashim.

  2. Hello

    I’m a Canadian of Harari origin and very sadnned by the passing of Hashim Idris. The entire diaspora Community is rallying to assist in any way they can.

    I would appreciate if you join us in our grief and see what we can do to help his family.



    • Hashim worked for the municipality. What I’ve been told is that some property developers were trying to take advantage of a compensation scheme for relocated people. Hashim blocked their scheme and gave him his opinion of them and they fought in his office. Later, they tried to shoot him at his home and missed, but then found another opportunity in the main square.
      You know what’s really sad? Last year Hashim quit the opposition party because he he didn’t want to lose his government job. When he told me he was quitting he said that in his younger days he would have fought the government and damn the consequences but that now, he had a family to think about. It would have been better if he’d lost that job.

  3. This is tragic and very sad. Best wishes of recovery to your friend. May his family stay strong during this hard time.
    Was the gunman identified?

    • Apparently there were three gunmen. The two who shot at him from across the square were arrested on the spot and the third, who shot him point blank, was arrested where he was trying to escape through some farmland.

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