For Hashim II

Sorry to say that my friend Hashim died yesterday of his wounds. The body is being returned to Harar for burial. Thanks too for your kind words.

Right now some cracks are opening up in Harar. Some people have been reacting violently and the ethnic divisions are coming to the fore. The Unesco prize for the city of peace and tolerance is a little bit misplaced at the moment and it’s a relief to be leaving tomorrow.

3 thoughts on “For Hashim II

  1. Dear Marcus, I have been reading your blog for some time now but I wanted to leave you a comment and say that I’m very sorry to hear that your friend Hashim didn’t make it.

  2. First i wish you both have a nice & peaceful trip. I think, every peace loving persons who have been living in harar, should take a responsibility not to allow anybody to disrupt the long standing peaceful coexistence of all ethnic & religious groups in a historical Harar. I also think that Harar can count, for its peace & prosperity, on good people like you & me. Hopefully, things will soon be fixed. Peace justice & rule of law prevails in Harar. Wish you both ALL THE BEST.

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