On Again

Hadha Kumar

We’re heading back to Harar and the hyenas in April. It should be an interesting time in many respects. First for me is whether any of those hyenas will recognise me. Maybe Dibbey and Hadha Kumar because I was close to those two and they were mature when I was there last time. Tukwondilli? He’s outwardly insane, I think he barely recognises himself. Willi and Fintamurey (now known as Rimbaud)? Willi might not even be around. I haven’t spoken to Yusuf’s family for a while but last time we spoke they assured me that Willi was still coming to the feeding place. But these male hyenas, when they mature they tend to go elsewhere looking for love. So even if Willi is still around he may not remember me. He was a subadult when I was there last so maybe his memories of me are really vague.I know Rimbaud is still coming to the feeding, I’ve seen her on the net being fed by Abbas inside the house. But she seems to approach anyone so it will be hard to tell if there’s recognition. We’ll see.


8 thoughts on “On Again

  1. This is great news! I can’t wait!

    I would not be surprised if Willi still recognized you; you must have made some deep impression on him for him to practically invite you to his den! I hope he’s not too abused now that he’s an adult male.

    Best wishes to you for your return!

  2. Salam to all,

    It is a remarkable to hear the Harar Hyenas back on the stage once again. I wish you all the best in your upcoming journey to Harar. Hopefully, Dibbe, Tuqandili, Hadha & Willi, too… etc might not forget you as the Harar hyenas are still observing the ‘truce’ they agreed with our forefathers : living together in peace with the society….. so no worries Harar Hyenas, just give a call to Dibbe in waraba sinan that you’ll be coming to Harar in April, kkkkk… wonderfull reception will be prepared by, i guess by now well grown hyena, Mr.Willi. cheers!



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