Raid No. 2

If things weren’t interesting enough already, they’re really switching on now. Two nights ago there were eight Sofi hyenas at the feeding place as well as a handful of tourists and Abbas, the hyena-man. Everything was normal until all of the Sofi hyenas present suddenly looked away from the feeding towards the path at the back of the feeding place. Then something remarkable happened. Out of the darkness emerged two very large, very aggressive looking Aboker hyenas marching towards the feeding place. They looked unstoppable with their manes bristling and their tails held stiffly over their backs, and the Sofi hyenas must have thought the same. Despite their numerical advantage, the Sofi hyenas took off, with the Aboker hyenas now joined by a third running in pursuit. Once at the edge of the hill the Aboker hyenas stood and stared for a while at the forest into which the Sofi hyenas had disappeared before turning and heading back to the feeding place. Abbas was unfazed by this and simply started calling to the Aboker hyenas and offering them food, which they took.

As the night wore on more and more Aboker hyenas arrived – including a 6 month old cub – and they had the run of the Sofi feeding place. In fact I followed them all the way down to Suqutatberi which is deep in Sofi territory.

What was the effect of this invasion? Well, last night at the Sofi feeding place, there was at least a dozen tourists waiting to see hyenas but by 8pm none had come. Poor Abbas was on the hill calling in vain to hyenas who apparently had no desire to come and be given food. It was really weird; normally at least one hyena is there by 7pm. But after 8pm a few hyenas began arriving. Borrocha was the first and he was the only one of three present sufficiently motivated to take food directly from Abbas. Then Jaagi came and kept the others away while she hogged the food. And that’s it. I really do wonder what is becoming of the Sofi clan.


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