Multi-storied hyenas

I’m really happy to pass on this link to a news article from the Guardian. It’s a response to the sensational article from the BBC last week which portrayed hyenas in Addis Ababa as dangerous vermin threatening to over-run the town. The response is beautiful. The author, Yves-Marie Stranger demonstrates that you don’t have to rely on sensationalism to come up witha fascinating story. In fact, this story is far more engaging because it speaks of nuance and possibilities. The re-forestation, waste management, expansion of the city, and dietary preferences of the people are bound to impact on the hyenas but we can only wait and see how. This is how multi-species communities work: in ways which are constantly emerging and changing. There’s no conclusion, just a lot of interesting maybes and an account of how hyenas can coexist peacefully with five million people in Ethiopia’s capital. Great story!



1 thought on “Multi-storied hyenas

  1. I just wanted to say that your blog is AWESOME. It’s like a little peek of Heaven. I get so sick of people, especially media and governments, telling people what is and isn’t safe. I think people can judge for themselves. That article, is of course, way overblown and exaggerated, and the fact that they most they can blame the hyenas for is fingers and toes is very telling that they are not, in fact, aggressive.
    Hyenas are so beautiful. What a interesting world. I am glad these African people did not listen to “Can’t, can’t, can’t” and instead made friends with the hyenas.
    Animals are bred for many, many different traits, including friendliness and non-aggression. Do you ever think that so-called “wild” animals like hyenas will be so tamed?
    Why have they not bred dogs to live as long as people? Or to speak or at least better understand/communicate in human words? They do have super-smart dogs that have large vocabularies, but I think it is odd that this sort of thing has not happened yet.

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