Book Cover

Here’s the cover art for my book, to be published by Penn State University Press and due for release in September:


That’s Dibbey on the left, Koti in the centre and Willi at the back. I like that it has three of the most charismatic Sofi hyenas and I’m fond of all three but for different reasons.

What do you think?


4 thoughts on “Book Cover

  1. Hurrey! Finally the story of Harar hyenas has been borne! I am confidend the book, AMONG THE BONE EATERS, would be one of the best but the first books that tells not only the reall story of hyenas of Harar in its detail factual form but also eplores the historical city of Harar itself & its people which located beyond the mountains of ‘char char’.
    Anyway i am so happy to hear the news of the book to be released on September. Big applaud…..
    Congratulations Marc.!!! MABRUK!!!

    • Thanks Abbase,
      You’re too kind. I hope you’re happy with the result, though I know that where I delve into Harar’s history it will spark some (healthy) debate among you and your friends.
      Cheers, Marcus

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