11 thoughts on “Gallery

  1. This is a very interesting website. I love hyenas since my childhood and currently work on a story about them in which they will be the mainactors and heroes.

    Thank you very much for sharing, I will stalk your blog now. 😉

    • Hey thanks for stalking. I like to think of this blog as a safe, nurturing environment in which people can openly avow their fondness for hyenas without fear of retribution

  2. I adore your work, I read all your updates and everything I can. All my friends also love this blog and read all they can. I am a super avid admirer of spotted hyenas and have learned every fact I can and a few years ago volunteered at a wild life rehabilitation center here in the US where they also have Tigers and other large animals rescued from private hands.

    The Spotted Hyena is the animal in my heart and I am training to be a veterinarian at the moment veterinary assistant so I can pursue more work in a filed like this. I collect thing spotted hyena (stuffed animals,toys,photographs) even my blanket has spotted hyena spot print (not leopard).The females are my favorite and I admire everything about them and there biology and anatomy. They are amazing predators and opportunistic feeders.

    I really wanted to contact you and ask you how you became into this field because this is my life’s dream. I am also an professional artist as well. I just really want to work with spotteds again.

    Love, Ace

    • You know it’s really encouraging to hear people talk fondly of hyenas. MSU has a hyena research project and I’ve met undergrads working there in the Masai Mara. That’s probably the best way to get to do hyena related work.
      If you need more info, you can contact me through the ‘ecological humanties’ website

      • Thank you for the fast response, I am in love with the species.

        I try all the time to educate about them and the fact they are feliforms and not CANINES! And many other factoids.

        I will try to contact hopefully get my life on track to working with them again

        Hoping to talk fondly of these misunderstood intelligent creatures far into the future.

        -Still lots of love from your fan Ace

      • I went to the site and it redirected me to a message saying that the site was not working and there server is down I will try again for asking how to go about working with Spotted Hyenas in the field and becoming a biologist, this will not deter me I am still avid about becoming a hyena expert.
        For now I will just be a veterinary assistant.

  3. i want to go there and study this beautiful peice of wildlife but im still young and dont know what to do or what type of job allows me to do this thing

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