Willi and me at the garbage dump in the morning; Willi trying out for a job with the local council as a tree lopper.

This is Kamareya attempting to paste while Willi pays close attention. When Jalla was a cub, I thought she was a female but she’s beginning to look and act like a he.

Video footage of the hyena feeding during Ashura at Aw Nugus

Kamareya, Willi and Bebe and some rough play on the hill

Here’s a hyena disguised as a dog so that it can get at some of the food scraps available at Police Meda. You can see these hyenas every morning from the Tewodros Hotel, though you might be more comfortable spending the night in the dumpster at the edge of the sports ground and you still get to enjoy the same view.

1 thought on “Video

  1. Wow. I had no idea hyenas were blending so well in the city. The woman is walking by the hyena without even paying attention to it; like it’s another dog.
    It’s funny how the dogs jump back defensively as soon as the hyena moves. They know who they’re dealing with.

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